We promote ocean literacy in young people through educational aquatic experiences and human development tools.

1st edition – 2020/2021  –  Sesimbra, Portugal




‘Atlantis Program’ was inspired by the ‘Açores Atlantis 2019’ Expedition created by Oceans and Flow and evolved into an educational program for young people in their schools and communities.

It promotes ocean literacy through the combination of freediving, ecological education and human development as a method to awake and root an environmental responsibility and improve personal capabilities.

‘An ocean adventure  in Arrábida Natural Park, Portugal.’


The voice of the sea

Luca was afraid of the ocean. For him the ocean evoked as much fear as fascination. His imagination ran wild visualizing the world that exists below the water surface. He lived in a little fisherman town where everyone looked at the ocean as a food  source, yet no one was really aware of what lied beneath. 

For Luca, the ocean was the sleeping ground of the stars and, curious as he was, he yearned to discover what was hiding deep underneath it.

One day, his father decided to take him sailing. He accepted the invitation with excitement. He ran around the boat from one end to another, always careful not to fall off board. Suddenly, while he gazed timidly into the water, a voice whispered: ‘Luca, come play.’ His heart beat so strongly he lost balance and fell off board. His father did not notice.

While Luca was fighting not to drown, he put his head in the water and looked down and gazed downwards. Colours, plants, fish, luminous beings. They swam around him and seemed to smile at him, looking him in the eye. Again he heard the voice whisper: ‘Luca, come play!’

It was in that moment he surrendered, stopped fighting, inhaled and dove deep. In that instant, the fear vanished and for the first time in his life he felt he belonged.

The more he relaxed, the more vivid the colours became and he was invaded by pure love. He saw so much beauty in that subaquatic garden – a world of its own, apart from the confusion of the external world, where Luca had always felt like a fish out of water. All beings seemed to speak without the need to use words, they greeted each other, communed, respected each other. 

One short minute underwater sufficed – one single breath which seemed to last a lifetime – for everything in him to be transformed. As he submerged, he could only feel love, a desire to care for and to bring the beauty and peace of the bottom of the ocean to the hearts of humans.

To this day, Luca does not know who called him, but deep inside he feels that voice actually came from himself.

a tale inspired by an Atlantis dive experience by Violeta Lapa e Cris Santos

Involving the community.
Creating ‘awareness’


1st edition ~ Sesimbra

5 m


We will host a series of talks featuring 8 guest experts in various ocean related fields where their respective experiences and work will be shared. Come join us!

10 m


Join us in a beach cleaning action at Lagoa de Albufeira beach, in partnership with environmental institutions as an initiative of environmental sensitization open to the community.

15 m


This workshop about the harvest, consumption and nutritional value of seaweed as nourishment will be hosted by a marine biologist from the norwegian company Sea Forester in Sesimbra beach. Join us!

20 m


From october 1st to december, the open-air gallery on the Sesimbra seafront will host the Atlantis Program Exhibition. Come visit, participate and take part of this movement.

Opening and Guided Tour
October 1, 2021 at 6:00 pm

Film premiere – Cineteatro João  Mota, Sesimbra
9 October 2021 at 16:00

Guided Tour and Aquatic Trail
November 16, 2021 at 10:00 am

Booking here.

Guided Tour and EcoAction
December 1, 2021 at 10:00 am

Free participation.

Atlantis team

Violeta and Cris

Underwater Educators

We are freedivers and as such we daily live the transformative power of a close relationship to the ocean. We share a passion for the ocean and the mission of awakening in the new generations a care and affection for marine life.

We hold different expertises in the area of human development, arts and aquatic movement that merge in a unique method of subaquatic education.

We have invited a multidisciplinary team of professionals to integrate the 1st edition of Program Altantis to act at different stages and to contribute with scientific, artistic, sports, educational and social and human development knowledge.

Ocean Alive

Virgílio Varela

SPOT Freedive

We actively contribute to the following SDG :


Andreas Noe

‘The Trash Traveller’ 

Eunice Maia

‘Maria Granel’ 

Miguel Blanco

‘Environmental Surfer’ 

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Project funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, through EEA Grants.

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